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User friendly, modern and secure

Windows are the face of your house; their design reflects your personality and delivers your style to the outside world. Not only do they brighten your day and allow in light, they cater to your well being by protecting you from undesirable weather and undesirable intruders. User friendliness should never be compromised so our innovative hardware technology provides your family the key to security and modern living.

Lotus Fenstek windows offer simplicity and delivers perfect harmony with both the architecture and the decoration of your house. Its warm and soft lines hint at the origins of a classical and modern style. Its tactile features achieve the aesthetic balance not only with its image, but also with the sense of strength it provides when you touch it.

Protection and Security

Your family is your world and protecting them is an instinctive part of our nature. The need for protection and security is part of our lives from a young age to adult hood.

Protecting our material possessions is also important and feeling safe and secure in our homes is as simple as choosing the right doors and windows. Our high-security hardware and excellent frame strength gives you that peace of mind.